Alternative Movie Ending: “The Purple Rose of Cairo”

This one was difficult to do, because the original is quite good. The problem is I am too much of a scientist to accept supernatural facts. Of course, in this context, the movie character behaving like a normal being is very attractive and makes a great film. It opens the door for millions of similar situations. What could happen if Superman could walk out of a movie and offer us a favour or desire? What if we could enter Titanic and warn everyone about an imminent disaster?

“The Time Tunnel” was a TV series in the sixties that accepted that premise, and sometimes the heroes intervened to twist history in a proper way. But Woody Allen was very original in this movie, as in many others.

Check my version of “The Purple Rose of Cairo” in here:

My point is that the supernatural facts were all Cecilia’s imagination, of course. She escaped from her dull and painful life watching movies and dreaming about her participating in them. For that reason, when she clashes with the hard reality and faces her fictitious boyfriend leaving her, she focuses her attention in another movie. And in my version, she looks for another movie with the same actor that plays Tom. And in that movie, when Jeff Daniels is getting married, she tries to participate and heads for the church. I used two photograms from 101 Dalmatians, but there are many other possible movies or situations.

I liked a movie where the character is about to commit suicide jumping into a river, when a beggar woman interrupts him asking for his watch. After getting the watch she asks for his wallet. And after that, they decide to go for a drink. I could not find it. Cecilia could try to look for the man to save him.

Anyway, this ending gives a logical explanation to the supernatural facts in the original movie. It is good to pretend we believe in the premise of the movie, Tom the Explorer escaping the movie to seduce Cecilia, but it is better that the ending scene pushes us back into reality.

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