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Script Doctoring Service

We offer the Script Doctoring Service. You pay only for the suggestions that you use.

I often see a movie and come up with a better ending. So I edited the existing YouTube versions, adding text over the images to create my own lines. See the Alternative Endings for Famous Movies , our List in YouTube.

In this site you will find several examples of short humor video scripts. Humor is useful to show a complete, short story with a strong ending. If you read Spanish, you will see over 100 scripts.

I can suggest changes to almost any script, and most people agree that those changes benefit the story and make it more attractive.

If you require confidential treatment of your work, send us the Confidentiality Agreement or request one from us. This is an example that can be used.

If you want a completely free service, submit your project to our Facebook page

Contact us to discuss your project.

Pharmaceutical urgency

At the pharmacy, several customers. There comes an old man with a backpack with an oxygen tank, with tubes coming out of the tank into his nose.

Customers buy minutiae, cosmetics, aspirin, ask prices, ask for advice. The old man is breathing with increasing difficulty, and looks worried as the level of oxygen goes down.

One customer worries about the old man and asks the pharmacist to hurry. Meanwhile, the old man tries to light a cigarette. The others discourage him. Continue reading

President derogates Law of Gravity

The female President looks herself in the mirror, and sees that some parts of her body are falling and gets angry about it.

She comments the fact to his Secretary.

The Presidential Secretary says vaguely that you cannot go against Nature.

The President shouts:
– It is unfair!!!

– Madam, you can not go against the Law of Gravity… Continue reading