President derogates Law of Gravity

The female President looks herself in the mirror, and sees that some parts of her body are falling and gets angry about it.

She comments the fact to his Secretary.

The Presidential Secretary says vaguely that you cannot go against Nature.

The President shouts:
– It is unfair!!!

– Madam, you can not go against the Law of Gravity…

– That law is unconstitutional! It is biased! Favors the Upper against the Down! Does nothing for the people! I’ll abrogate it! I’ll derogate it!

– The President can derogate or abrogate or repeal or annulate a Law created by the Congress, but you can not go against Physical Laws.

– Who says I can not I? Give me the pen …

The Secretary, with a skeptical smile, gives her a pen. As soon as she signs the Abrogation Decree, everything starts to float. Including both characters.

The President tries to keep her skirt in place and starts looking worried.
– Secretary, how can I de-abrogate a law?

The Secretary, floating in a cloud of papers, says:
– First, you have to find it.

Note: This is directed against the current, authoritarian President of Argentina, but it is valid against any other politician, everywhere.