Distracted Cameraman 2

A pretty female journalist reads the news and points to the images on a big screen monitor… the news are most unusual but the camera is pointing to the girl body (cleavage, legs, waist) rather than to the news monitor.

“The New York City Marathon was run over a distance of 42 km, which is the distance for a proper marathon, with many runners running from the beginning to the end”

(at the end of this boring segment, the camera man focuses on the girl)

It all ended abruptly when the winner, Olympian Usain Bolt, was eaten by a python 12 feet long that descended from a balloon … here we see while the snake leaves the balloon and devours Bolt, meanwhile the wind turns the balloon on the side making the flames ignite the fabric, the basket and the clothes of the navigator. The rest of the runners continued running”… (the cameraman reacts very late and goes back to the monitor only to show a conventional marathon).

She then goes to another story: “Scientists discover that human breast milk has more vitamin D and calcium than cow’s milk, which is more appropriate for the children. Here in the laboratory, the scientists analyze different substitutes for milk, trying to demonstrate their limited nutritional value compared to the milk of the female breast… (at this point, the camera switches from the screen showing a boring lab, to the cleavage of the hostess …)

“Except in the case of this woman with 4 breasts, born in a remote Colombian village, which secretes coffee with cream and sugar, a mystery that baffles the experts. (the camera seems to look for extra breasts in the anchor woman, instead of in the monitor). The coffee is of the common variety (here the CAMERA abruptly returns to the screen, but the image and shows a man drinking coffee from a common cup) ..

“In a recent news, we announce the arrival to our city of hurricane Rupert, with winds of 300 km per hour, together with ice and snow. Oh, I am feeling cold already and getting goose pimples… (the hostess shows her leg, the camera focus on her skin, and closes up). “And here we see when an elephant from the zoo is lifted into the air with some passengers still in his back, and they are all thrown into the crocodile pit… Their remains were collected and buried in the local cemetery ” (the camera reacts only on time to show a conventional funeral) …