Short humor video scripts for Web Promotion

See more than 100 scripts in the Spanish version of this site – 

In the English section of this site there are a few samples of my scripts. See them below. If you read Spanish, there are more than 100 short humor video scripts, intended for TV or for web promotion thru YouTube and other social network sites. Check this folder for the Spanish Scripts.

Most of the scripts last 2-3 minutes. Some of them have a common character or subject, some are unique. Some of them are very simple and require minimal production, some require a modest effort in wardrobe, scenes or technical editing.

Many are mute, making it easy to show them everywhere.

We filmed a few videos with no budget at all, just to attract those clients that prefer the video format instead of reading. “Not a Simulation“, shows only the author on the phone. This other one is only an edition of an existing popular video showing a baby crying of emotion while his mother sings. A third one describes the suppossed Bigfoot appearance. A recent addition is a self-promotional short video, announcing a big movie production made with little resources.

If you see the potential in the material in this blog, ask us about licensing them. We also write by requirement from TV or film producers.