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Red chocolate

This short script for video or TV requires minimal scenery. Like all the ones in the category “Genie” it can refer to a male or female “genie”. The Genie uses a simple costume, with a couple of sheets used as robe and head scarf. Wide purple or red belt, also made with a sheet. The lamp can be made of cardboard. These elements are used for 6 or 7 episodes of Genie written so far. The sponsors for this video set may be multiple. Any product that does something like “magic”. Or anything to fill someone’s wishes, as does the Genie.

The Genie of the Lamp stands guard near Pedrito, who is relaxed while reading a magazine.

Hey Genie, can you bring me a coffee?

As you wish, my master. Moka Java, Costa Rica, Brazil?

Common coffee.
(Genie snorts)

What’s wrong?

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