Irish Coffee

The master reads the newspaper and the Genie offers:
– Coffee, Master?
– Yes, I could have some coffee
– Maybe with a little liqueur?
– Do me an Irish coffee. And a glass of milk.
– We are out of milk. The milkman should be coming any moment. And we are also out of whiskey. I have cognac.
– I want Irish coffee.
– Sorry Master, but I do not like whiskey, I can not even stand the smell of it.
– Aha. But you are a mighty genius and you can certainly do something about it…
– If France dominated the world instead of the English, the Irish coffee would have cognac instead of whiskey. I wanted to accomplish it and I almost reached it…
– How come?
– If Napoleon had listened to my advice, he had not invaded Russia. Thus, France had preserved and extended power in Europe and the world.
– You met Napoleon?
– We were great friends. But he had the wrong strategy to dominate the world. And he was very stubborn. One night he had taken vodka and caviar, had fallen ill to the stomach, and instead of taking a laxative he invaded Russia.
– Back to the topic …
– Do you want coffee with cognac?
– Irish.
– Wait a second. I am coming…
(The Genie disappears for a second and comes back with coffee).
The Master tastes the coffee, frowns and complains.
– This coffee has cognac instead of whiskey.
The Genie explains that the Irish coffee has cognac in it. They look for the ingredients of the Irish Coffee, and everywhere says Cognac: the encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Google and Yahoo. And in addition, everysource they try is now in French.
The TV is also all in French. The Master telephones his mother, and she spoke in French.
– Genie, it seems that you talked to Napoleon and changed history…
The Genie looks elsewhere.
That the doorbell rings, the Genie opens the door and the Milkman says “Aló”. He only speaks French.

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