The Pope goes to the Dentist

In a dental waiting room we see several patients with swollen faces and the typical bandage around face and head.
The camera focuses on each and the penultimate is … the Pope, with his typical miter (high hat) and ceremonial clothes. The camera shows: Patient 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Pope), 6, and then back to 5, as if notizing the Pope with surprise.

The receptionist did not notice anything particular regarding patient. She call everyone by name and when it comes to the Pope, reads:
Francis I (she reads the letter I instead of the Roman numeral). The Pope correct her and explains, but she does not get it and does not care).

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The receptionist talks to the Pope, explaining that someone will need to be with him, in case there is a need for strong anesthesia. Also, she explains that he will not be able to drive for a few hours, and some wife or children will need to come.
(the Pope makes a firm gesture of denial)
Finally comes the Dentist, young and pretty, who also has no idea who his patient.

– What a bloating, my God!
– (Pope crosses himself)
– We’re going to have to give urgent treatment.

– (See the mouth of the Pope)
– Mmm … this is not good. A very deep decay, it could go for extraction. It will be a very ugly hole. The girls are going to look you down (the Pope makes a strong gesture of negation)
– Come on, do not tell me you do not still pay attention to girls, grandfather …
(Pope makes another firm gesture of denial)
– Another thing, Sr., does your job require public speaking, for about two weeks?
– (Yes gesture)
– I try to save the tooth, but it will not be easy
– (Yes gesture)
– Maybe you want to give a call to your wife…?
– (No gesture)
– or your kids…
– (No gesture)
– Do you want to take a chance and try to save the tooth?
– (Yes gesture)
– Look, it is a long shot, but it can happen. I would say that if this goes well, it will be a miracle. You have faith?

– (the Pope smiles to the camera)

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