Pharmaceutical urgency

At the pharmacy, several customers. There comes an old man with a backpack with an oxygen tank, with tubes coming out of the tank into his nose.

Customers buy minutiae, cosmetics, aspirin, ask prices, ask for advice. The old man is breathing with increasing difficulty, and looks worried as the level of oxygen goes down.

One customer worries about the old man and asks the pharmacist to hurry. Meanwhile, the old man tries to light a cigarette. The others discourage him.

When the Good Samaritan reaches his turn at the pharmacist, he also spends time asking about shaving cream offers.

The pharmacist says goodbye to each customer with the phrase:

– FastPharm Pharmacy at your service.

A man suddenly arrives and passes in front of the queue to buy a prophylactic. The pharmacist sells it, and explains to the queue that it was an emergency.

The old man sits and now wears a mask in addition to the tubes. A client with an inflator pumps air into the mask. The pharmacist talks on the phone. Other customers take turns to apply artificial respiration to the lying old man.

The pharmacist delivers carefully wrapped gifts but finally arrives the turn of the old, breathless man, which is quite blue.

The old man asks for deals on cologne aftershave.

– Are you sure you came to buy cologne?

– Not really sure. Isn’t today the discount day for pensioners?

– No, tomorrow.

– Until tomorrow then.

– Do not forget anything, Grandpa?

– Merry Christmas.

– No, not yet… something about your breathing…

The others urge him to buy an oxygen tank.

The required tank is in a very high shelf and the pharmacist has trouble reaching it.oxygen old man

The old man, coughing and breathing with difficulty, manages to climb the shelves and get the tank. He replaces the tank, turns in the spent tank, pays and leaves. The pharmacist says his standard goodbye:

– FastPharm Pharmacy at your service.

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