“It`s a Disaster”, alternative movie ending

I saw this movie, and I sort of liked the concept, but I disliked the ending.

For those who did not see it, a few couples meet at the home of one of them for a friendly brunch. The couples reveal all kinds of intimate feelings and situations. But some kind of terrible disaster forces them to stay in the house. Chemical bombs of some sort.

One of them decides to prepare poison for all of them to drink, and avoid suffering when the chemical fire reaches them in a couple of hours.

The movie ends with the cups of poisoned wine in the hands, without us knowing what happens.

In my alternative ending, one of the guys expresses a last wish: to have farewell sex with the hostess…

This opens a number of interesting issues that make better sense to the otherwise incomplete movie.

See it here:

“It`s a Disaster” – Alternative movie ending