Self Help Me

Brief humor TV Script

This is a sample of my humor creativity for TV.  One out the 100 scripts writen by Serapio Sergiovich, addressed to TV producers. Intended to be produced and distributed in the Web as well as in TV. Short humor videos are suitable for fast, viral marketing and promotion in the social networks.

A prophet of the self-help field promotes his book, “Do things right the first time”. He is supposed to read paragraphs from the book, wave at his admirers and smile to the camera.BOOK

However, he often stumbles, confused, forgets what he has to say and the director has to cut and roll again. In the intervals, he takes medication from several flasks, takes out a cigarette and smokes on the sly. He made a small hidding cubicle with books, where he drinks whiskey, smokes marijuana, pulls out a syringe and injects something on his arm.
On camera he shows a forced and exagerated smile, but as soon as the director cuts the filming, he shows a hostile and bitter face.

He drops whiskey on his shirt, rolls differently his sleeves, keeps cigarettes visible in his shirt pocket, lets his hair go untidy. He drops the microphone and they have to fix it with duct tape.

The scene is complete with a fan who buys a book and expects an autograph. Every time the profet tries to sign and dedicate the book, makes a mistake and has to tear down the page. After 4 pages, the fan claims for a new book.

Another fan gets annoyed at the profet and they have a figth. As a result, the profet ends up with a black eye.

The Director has an idea. It puts the fan in the role of prophet and vice versa. The commercial is shot without problems.

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