Tramp Sommelier

A tramp drinking from a wine carton while watching TV from a shop window in an electronics store, sees a wine sommelier explaining an expensive wine.
– This exquisite cabernet-sauvignon Roncesvalles has a hierarchical and elegant scent …
(the tramp smells his wine and behaves like a Lord)

– A velvety texture
(the wanderer gently touching his ragged jacket)
– A tropical reververance
(he fans himself with his dirty hand)
– A challenging color
(he exams the carton)
– A fruit flavor
(spits out a peach pit)
– … That satisfies the form of fine crystal glass …
(tramp runs his hand through the carton)
– And invites the measured and meager cupping.

(the sommelier wine just tastes but largely comprises the vagrant carton)
– This wine can accompany long-roasted meats with mushroom sauce and French regional seasoning……
(The tramp bites his old and moldy piece of bread)
– It is most enjoyable sitting in the evening with friends
(the tramp is sitting next to a tree, and pours some on the floor, where a dog comes to lick)
– Good night
(The tramp leans against the trunk and sleeps)

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