Spanish – “Click”: Alternative ending

This is a popular movie with Adam Sandler. See the summary in IMDB. A normal family man receives a Universal Remote Control from a crazy guy named Morty. The remote can be applied to real life for many actions: fast forward, review, stop. Morty gives Michael some advice regarding the remote: It is free, it cannot be returned. When he uses it for Fast Forward his personality enters an unattended drive, with minimal, automatic reactions towards people.

Michael uses it to fast forward to the common chores that he does not enjoy. But at some point he regrets missing part of his children growth, and paying little attention to his wife. The beautiful wife (Kate Beckingsale) leaves him for some other guy. So, in a second opportunity, he throws away the remote.

It is a very criticized movie, for childish situations and simplistic final message.

In my version, after Michael throws the universal remote to the garbage, he opens a paper and starts reading the lottery results… then he thinks for a moment and changes his mind: he rescues the remote from the garbage. First, he travels to the previous day and goes to the lottery shop. There he demands the winning ticket and buys it. After that, he wins the lottery.

Then he goes back to his teenage days, locates a girl he admired and follows her to the bath while she takes a shower… Success!.

But he starts feeling jealous because his wife Donna is going to leave him for Bill.

He drives angrily his car and looks for Bill, the guy who took his wife from him in the accelerated version of his life. He is about to run him over and flee the scene. But he stops at the last moment… He then realizes that the control is no good and throws it again in a garbage can in the street.

He goes back to his life and tries to be more attentive to his wife. But at some point he crosses the street and is run over by a car… He dies. We later see the driver that ran him over is no other than Bill. And we also see that he has a remote that he rescued from the garbage. It is obvious that Bill took the remote from the garbage bin, learnt how to use it, and looked for the chance to kill Michael.

In my opinion, the original movie is quite childish. The main character uses the control for stupid things. So, in my version, the comedy turns into tragedy. The real power of such a device is revealed.

Life teaches us that the opportunities we reject are taken by others. Bill had many reasons for killing Michael: to avoid being killed by him, and to take his wife.

Another twist could be: Michael is dying and thinks “Oh my God, how stupid I was, I only ask you for the early death of Bill, who does not deserve my lovely wife”. We later see the night table of Donna with two photos crossed by black ribbons: Michael and Bill. She is in bed with… Morty.

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