Married Batman – Great Savior

Batman got married and grew older but he still hangs to his old job, saving the world from all the evils.
Batman receives a phone call from someone with a few urgent issues…
– Hello Batman, are you there? The villains are taking over in Egipt and if you do not stop them, we will need to send the army…Millions will die…
-Hi Gordon, how are you? I cannot save the world today, I have to finish doing the dishes and cooking, and then I have to pick up the boys from the kindergarten…. Do you have any local assignment?
old batman– Let me see… Do you still live in the bat-cave, outside town?
Nope, I moved downtown. My wife hated the batcave. She could never quite finish dusting it.
batman on the phone
– I never saw an advantage of living in a cave. How would you convince a girl to go with you to a cave? How did you get a TV signal inside a cave? Did the pizza delivery boys ever got there? I imagine the they should have charged you extra for the trip, the dust and the mystery. Also, how did you manage to see the bat-signal from a cave?
– I rarely saw it. Your secretary gave me a phone call each time you needed me.
– And when you were on a mission?
– There I had Robin looking at the skies. The point is, he was also looking at the skies when I needed him. In those times, I had to pay someone a full salary just to watch the sky. I tried once to watch up myself while driving, and I ran over that old women with her dogs. I also destroyed the Batmovil and a traffic light post. I only I had a cell phone back then…
– You are right Batman. Speaking of that, can I have your cell phone number?
– Erh, I do not have one.
– How come? You always loved the gadgets.
– The cell phones are too complex for me to use. And they have such small numbers…
– Maybe you should wear glasses…
– (shouts) Never! I am Batman. How would Batman look with glasses? No way.
– That is ok, do not worry. Besides, the Police Department is cutting the calls to cell phones.
– Security issues?
– No, budget restriction. As a matter of fact, even regular calls are limited. I am calling from home, while my wife is not watching. She hates when I take work home. Let me see. We are having a bank robbery nearby. Can you take that?
– No, I am sorry. I am cooking dinner. Macarroni with chicken. The sauce has an exact point and I cannot left it unattended.
– Really? I did know you cooked. Tell me something, how long do I have to shake the merengue for a birthday cake?
– Not less than three hours, non-stop.
– Thank you very much, Batman!
– No problem, chief. You know that you, the city and the world can always count on me!