Perfect Love on Demand

I wrote a movie script for a romantic comedy.

Logline: a young nerd creates a perfect matching site where anyone can find a perfect loving mate. The problem arises when married people starts using it, causing quarrels, divorces and other conflicts.


A young nerd, Ned, is appointed by a married couple to run a dating website. The woman had been a matchmaker all her life using the pre-Internet mechanisms. Ned modifies a standard matching algorithm and makes it so powerful that anyone can find a perfect match and supreme love.

The owners have a daughter, Desi, that is sent to work with Ned and learn his method. At first the hate each other, because Ned is immature, overconfident and lacks any social skills. After a while they notice that they can find a couple for anyone but themselves. Desi’s father is very anxious about earning money fast and devices a number of dangerous strategies to acquire customers. They sell the service to several married persons and cause as many divorces. At some point Desi finds a boyfriend in a far away country and travels to marry him. Desis husband goes from poor to normal thanks to Desi, and immediately uses the money to find a better, richer wife in the same dating website. After a while, they all four conclude that love should have a few limits. Desi returns home to his parents and the relationship with Ned evolves. I am not revealing the ending now but obviously the young couple gets engaged.

If anyone is seriously interested please write me