Batman receives a phone call in his cell phone. At first he touches several wrong buttons, finally he manages to pick up the call. The Chief needs help to disable several nuclear bombs set up by Penguin. Batman is ready to help. But in the meantime, another phone call enters by some telemarketer, and Batman is not sure on how to manage two phone calls at once.

Batman (to his wife):
– Honey! Can you get me the reading glasses?

– If I could get them myself, I would do it..
– (tries to find his glasses in a book shelf without success)
– Honey! Can you get me the glasses to find the reading glasses?
(to himself)
– Of course I will get lost, without my glasses.
– Chief, are you still there? Great. I still do not understand this stupid phone. Why they make the buttons so tiny? The Bat-Phone was much simpler: it sounded, you picked it up and talked. That was it. But now my wife got me this smart gizmo and I am not so smart to use it. Anyway, tell me about the bombs…
– Is that you again? No, I do not want to buy any necktie now. I do not even wear those things. Sorry, I am having an important conversation in the other line. Listen, do you know which button gets me back to the previous conversation? The big grey one with an arrow? Thanks!!!
– Chief? It is good to find you still there… So, how does the bomb look like? No, I do not want to see a photo. How many cables? Which colors? Ok, send me the damn photo. I am not sure if I know how to open it… No, I am not talking about the bomb, I am an expert in bombs, I never find the right button in this phone to receive a photo and open it. Let see this one…
– Hello? No, I do not use a neck bow, either. Are you still there? Listen, I am trying to receive an important photo on the other line. Which button should I push? The one that says OPEN? That sounds easy. Thanks a lot!.
– Chief? Is this the bomb? It looks like a collection of neck ties to me… Of course I do not use neck tie! I am still Batman! Can you send me the photo once more? Thanks. Listen, how do I close this photo now? Someone is trying to sell me neckties which I do not need. The red CLOSE button? Ok, I will try that. Chief? Chief? Anyone, how can I turn on the damn phone again!!!!

Netx scene: Batman tries a 3-stooges necktie on the mirror and smiles.