Spanish -Historia de Guatepeor

He publicado mi novela “Historia de Guatepeor”, acerca de un país bastante ficticio donde las cosas no sólo salen mal, salen peor. Está ubicado en varios lugares de Latinoamérica, debido a que se ha debido mudar varias veces huyendo de las dificultades y de las deudas.
Está publicado en forma de blog en, abierto a comentarios. Los comentarios irán enriqueciendo el libro en sucesivas ediciones, porque todos los lectores tendrán algo que aportar de sus propios países y experiencias.
También se puede descargar acá: Historia-de-Guatepeor. Estas versiones son casi completas y gratuitas. Para la versión completa en formato .pdf, envíenos por favor 5 dólares por Paypal. Contacte para mayor información.

Spanish – “Click”: Alternative ending

This is a popular movie with Adam Sandler. See the summary in IMDB. A normal family man receives a Universal Remote Control from a crazy guy named Morty. The remote can be applied to real life for many actions: fast forward, review, stop. Morty gives Michael some advice regarding the remote: It is free, it cannot be returned. When he uses it for Fast Forward his personality enters an unattended drive, with minimal, automatic reactions towards people.

Michael uses it to fast forward to the common chores that he does not enjoy. But at some point he regrets missing part of his children growth, and paying little attention to his wife. The beautiful wife (Kate Beckingsale) leaves him for some other guy. So, in a second opportunity, he throws away the remote. Continue reading

Alternative Movie Ending: “Birdman”

I saw Birdman and in general I liked, but it left me a few unsolved issues. Essentially, does the character kill himself at the end? Or the movie wants us to believe that he really flies? And why does he take the terrible decission? After all, everything came well to him. The play is a success, he will recover his investment and people start to forget Birdman and might start learning his real name.

Searching for this subject, I read that the director thought in an alternative ending for this movie. It involved Johnny Depp discussing his role as Jack Sparrow in the “Pirates of the Caribean” series. This role could represent what Birdman was for Riggan. Luckily that idea did not prevail, because it was worse than the current ending.

I propose the following alternative scenes near the end: Continue reading

Alternative Movie Ending: “The Purple Rose of Cairo”

This one was difficult to do, because the original is quite good. The problem is I am too much of a scientist to accept supernatural facts. Of course, in this context, the movie character behaving like a normal being is very attractive and makes a great film. It opens the door for millions of similar situations. What could happen if Superman could walk out of a movie and offer us a favour or desire? What if we could enter Titanic and warn everyone about an imminent disaster?

“The Time Tunnel” was a TV series in the sixties that accepted that premise, and sometimes the heroes intervened to twist history in a proper way. But Woody Allen was very original in this movie, as in many others.

Check my version of “The Purple Rose of Cairo” in here:

Continue reading

“It`s a Disaster”, alternative movie ending

I saw this movie, and I sort of liked the concept, but I disliked the ending.

For those who did not see it, a few couples meet at the home of one of them for a friendly brunch. The couples reveal all kinds of intimate feelings and situations. But some kind of terrible disaster forces them to stay in the house. Chemical bombs of some sort.

One of them decides to prepare poison for all of them to drink, and avoid suffering when the chemical fire reaches them in a couple of hours.

The movie ends with the cups of poisoned wine in the hands, without us knowing what happens.

In my alternative ending, one of the guys expresses a last wish: to have farewell sex with the hostess…

This opens a number of interesting issues that make better sense to the otherwise incomplete movie.

See it here:

“It`s a Disaster” – Alternative movie ending

Alternative movie ending: “Play it again, Sam”

First of all, I love Woody Allen movies. I watched most of them. But sometimes I wish Woody had asked me for advice before filming. For that reason I decided to re-write some of his movies.
As a scientific mind, I do not like supernatural events, often used by Woody. I try to replace them with logical explanations.
Many times I dislike the ending of a movie, and I believe I can improve them. But after writing the first two or three endings, I decided to focus on one of my favorite movie makers, Woody. Maybe in this way he notices my creative talent and calls me for his next movie.
Lets go to Play it Again, Sam. I do not like Woody acting as a main character who is married to an actress too young and pretty for him. Without any good dramatic reasons. This happens in several of his movies, by the way. But it is obvious that Diane Keaton (Linda) will not end up with Woody (Allan), too old and ugly for her. Nevermind the fact that they were couple in the real life for many years. I do not know what did she see on him.
Shortly, the film follows Casablanca. Rick or Allan love the pretty woman (Ilse or Linda), but they step out at last moment to let space for the legitimate husband, no matter how inept.
Back to the movie, I never understood why Linda is about to fly in a plane without ever buying a ticket.
Then, I joined both facts and I propose that Linda is not allowed to fly with Dick, and decides to stay with… Bogart, which is more handsome and attractive than Woody. If Woody can see the Bogart character, maybe Linda can also see it. And go out with him.
Check the alternative ending for “Play it agan, Sam” in

Batman and Cat Woman and Joker and Bat Girl

Batman picks up the phone

Joker? How are you? It has been a while. What are you up to? The End of the World? Tomorrow? Well, at least is something worth worrying about. No small fry. And where will that be?

Why in the Bank of Gotham? (….) To collect your money and deposit it right away? Sounds logical. I know the credit card companies do not wait. So, if they pay the ransom you will not bring about the End of the World? (….)
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Spanish – Batman y Gatúbela y Guasón y Batichica – Serie de “Batman Casado”

Guasón? Cómo te va, tanto tiempo? Me dijeron que para mañana organizaste el Fin del Mundo? Aja. Y dónde va a ser?

Porqué en el Banco de Ciudad Gótica? … Para cobrar más fácil. O sea, si te pagan rescate vas a impedir el Fin del Mundo? .. Ah, eso ya está definido, y sólo vas vender entradas. Y decime, si va a ser el fin del mundo, para qué querés el dinero?
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Travelling Lier

This is a reality video.

A guy travels in a crowded bus or subway, while talking to the cell phone. He pretends to be a mechanic working at this current time on a car and promising very early delivery. He makes noises to simulate a car in very bad condition. The hidden cameramen will register the surprised faces of the fellow travellers.

Also: a doctor in a surgery, a lawyer working on a case, a veterinary operating on a pig, a trucker driving in a remote location.

Spanish – Mentiroso de subterráneo

Este video puede alcanzar la viralidad con poco esfuerzo…

Un hombre habla por celular en el subte, y miente descaradamente, pretendiendo estar en una oficina. El camarógrafo oculta filma al hombre hablando y a los pasajeros vecinos, que obviamente pondrán cara de incredulidad.

Estoy trabajando en lo suyo, acá veo en la Pc todos sus datos…, el ruido es porque estoy en la limousina con la portátil… acá tengo a la secretaria que toma nota… y el chofer me ayuda…su expediente? A ver, Cecilia, alcanzame el expediente del Sr… Continue reading